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Size & Scale Have Advantages for Direct Marketers

Tom Wicka

In today’s marketplace size and scale have become pretty darn important and offer distinct advantages to direct marketers. Today, postal expertise and critical document recovery requirements also drive many of our customers’ decisions when evaluating direct marketing service providers.  We’re often asked:

  • How well can you provide a postal and distribution model that optimizes the customer’s largest single expense: postage and freight?
  • How well can you provide a real disaster recovery model that goes beyond stock answers provided in RFP responses?
  • How can you provide unit costs that are competitive yet still invest in your business, in new technology and in people to continue to stay an innovator?

Without trying to appear self-serving, being one of the nation’s largest direct marketing providers* allows us to get at the above requirements in a way that we think is unique compared with our competitors. Our integrated Total Package platform, with three significant geographic plant locations (California, Minnesota and Pennsylvania), combined with the amount of mail we process each day for our current customer base, provides a very effective platform that addresses distribution costs and performance. In addition, our acquisition of Mail-Gard, one of the leading providers of print and mail recovery solutions in North America, allows us to ensure that our customers’ critical documents reach their customers and vendors in the event they experience a major business interruption.

This doesn’t mean we’re satisfied. What we can’t ignore is that scale can also “trip you up.” With scale can come challenges and questions about being flexible, being innovative, and focusing on the #1 business requirement – service. We get it, and although we are not perfect, we feel that no one else combines the advantages of scale with our historical roots in innovation and customer service.

You be the judge, but we think size and scale have value to our customers and to us.

-Tom Wicka

*IWCO Direct was recently ranked as the largest direct mail printer in North America by Printing Impressions magazine

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2011/01/05/size-scale-have-advantages-for-direct-marketers/
Tom Wicka


Tom Wicka

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