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Lean Testing A Proven Success Across Other Areas of Production

Steve Myrvold

In previous blog posts, we’ve described the initial steps in our Lean Journey, which began with Value Stream Mapping and transitioned to testing our plans for improvement on one of our envelope converters. The results were impressive, cutting set-up time in half and prompting several safety and ergonomic improvements. Our next step was to see if we could replicate these types of positive outcomes along other areas of the production stream.

During the past several months, we’ve conducted Kaizen events in several areas of production including our commingle sweep process and set-ups on mini Ehrets. Each Kaizen test began with observations of our processes and procedures and, after gathering initial data, transitioned to implementing a series of trials. Major improvements were achieved during our testing, including significantly reducing set-up and changeover time, as well as improving safety.

Our Lean initiative has brought many benefits in addition to making our processes more efficient. Our customer teams are empowered to continue to make improvements to our workflow and our customers are benefiting from our heightened focus on waste reduction. Stay tuned as we continue to provide updates on the results of our Lean Journey.

-Steve Myrvold

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2010/08/18/lean-testing-a-proven-success-across-other-areas-of-production/
Steve Myrvold


Steve Myrvold

Executive Vice President of Operations and Customer Experience. Favorite award or recognition: Being on Good Morning America to be thanked by a friend from college. Bringing the “work hard to help other people be successful” philosophy to IWCO Direct for more than 25 years. Favorite hobby: Fishing, fishing and fishing. Minnesota Vikings fan.

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