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The ROI on Trigger Mail Makes It the New Black

Tom Wicka

We continue to see our most sophisticated customers employ trigger programs to augment their acquisition direct mail programs. The new trigger programs are not replacements for their core acquisition program they are an enhancement to certain market segments that provide outsized response and conversion rates. Why have trigger programs gained such traction over the past two years? As I see it, it comes down to three factors:

  1. Access to accurate data that is being segmented and targeted has increased dramatically through our customers’ internal and external data sources (systems/platforms). With more accurate and easy access, the ability to be surgical and mail only to the desired names has greatly increased.
  2. IWCO Direct’s systems have allowed us to provide our customers with automated programs that are not a production burden to their marketing and production staff. Daily programs can now be fully automated at each step of production. This allows today’s “smaller staffs” to add trigger programs, but not add workload.
  3. Digital print and efficient internal workflows have allowed production costs to come down significantly over the past few years. This allows trigger programs to deliver high ROI in part because of competitive per unit costs. I estimate that five years ago the unit cost of these same production programs would cost 35% more than they do today that is dramatic.

I can’t profess to have all the answers on why we are seeing the growth of trigger programs, but I do know the three factors I have outlined are major factors in this growth. Triggers are not a replacement for a core acquisition campaign, but they are a way to juice your overall results. If you are interested in how to enhance your acquisition program with a successful trigger program, reach out to us and we can have an additional discussion.

-Tom Wicka

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2010/07/14/the-roi-on-trigger-mail-makes-it-the-new-black/
Tom Wicka


Tom Wicka

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