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How to Pick Up the Production Pace Without Leaving You Breathless

Mike Ertel

In a previous post, we talked about trigger mail and the importance of timing for a trigger marketing program to be effective. Whether you’re running a trigger program or a traditional direct mail campaign, there continues to be an increased emphasis on streamlining production processes to get your offer in front of audiences faster and more efficiently.

Production managers can help reduce production cycle time without sacrificing quality, accuracy, and cost through these easy steps:

  • Map your existing process and compare it with your supplier’s process to look for areas where time can be saved.
  • Explore what happens at each step in your production cycle and address the tough questions of everyone involved in the process.
  • Take advantage of technology and consider the benefits of digital printing, pre-printing shells or reconfiguring a format from duplex to simplex personalization.
  • Commit to a schedule and stick to it. Clearly communicate the importance of an efficient cycle time to your vendor.

It’s also important not to forget about the details. Ask your vendor to prioritize information you provide or reassess the format you use to convey information. Something as simple as changing the order of cells in a matrix or color coding certain cells in a run list may save time, improve accuracy, and potentially eliminate an entire round of corrections.

Just a few small process improvements and modifications can go a long way in reducing cycle times. How have you reduced your production cycle time?

-Mike Ertel

link https://www.iwco.com/blog/2010/05/05/how-to-pick-up-the-production-pace-without-leaving-you-breathless/
Mike Ertel


Mike Ertel

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