Postal Strategy

When it comes to postal optimization and logistics, this isn’t our first trip around the block. We pioneered integrated commingling more than 15 years ago and continue to lead the industry with the most efficient postal strategy in the country. We call it DMLogic®. Our clients call it “best-in-class postage.”

What does that mean for you? The lowest direct mail postage rates around. But we don’t just maximize your savings. We keep end results top of mind throughout the entire process – from creative design to printing and production to reporting tools. Whether it’s our high density commingling solution, advanced logistics services, or preparing mail for walk-sequence carrier route discounts, we determine which methods work best to optimize your postal logistics.

We’re also an innovator with the USPS, ensuring the most accurate in-home delivery dates and helping you stay in line with ever-changing standards and regulations. In fact, we publish a regular Postal Issues Update to keep you current on the latest information from the Postal Service.

It’s a perfect cadence – your direct mail offer arrives in customers’ hands at the perfect time and at the lowest possible cost.